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How to schedule a post from Mobal
How to schedule a post from Mobal
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Scheduling posts from Mobal is super easy. Plan your content in advance and schedule content to all profiles you want. Start by signing into Mobal.

Navigate to the Profiles Section

Visit your Mobal Profile and click the button "Posts." (Here on the overview page, you'll also be able to see your scheduled posts).

Click the Posts Button

Here, you'll see an overview of the posts that you've created previously. Click om the card "Create new post" to create and schedule a post.

Create a post

Create your post. Add a compelling image and don't forget the CTA and link. Then click "Schedule" in the top right corner, next tot the Publish button.

Choose time and date

Select the time and date when you want your post to go live.

*You can bulk schedule posts for multiple locations.

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