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Bing Places Profiles

Bing Maps is also a popular map directory that businesses should consider. Bing Maps, powered by Microsoft and Microsft default search engine, is a popular map directory (6% of the world uses it) that offers a range of features similar to other leading platforms. Mobal's connection with Bing expands its directory options, ensuring companies get found on Bing with the right basic information such as their address, phone number, and website URL.

Type of connection: Mobal has a direct API connection with Bing.


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How does Bing's local ranking work?

  • The local ranking algorithm is primarily based on relevance, distance, and popularity.

    • Relevance refers to whether a business listing matches what a user is searching for. Adding detailed business information in Bing Places helps the Local ranking algorithm to match your business listing to user searches accurately. Website SEO also plays an important role in determining local ranking.

    • Distance refers to how far a business listing is from the location that the user typed or the location the user as available to Bing.

    • Popularity refers to the popularity of a business. Bing looks at the ‘web signals’ to estimate the popularity of a business. Business listings that has more positive reviews and ratings in popular sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor are deemed more popular. The more a business is mentioned across the web, the higher its popularity.

Why you should be on Bing Places

  • Being featured on Bing Maps ensures visibility and it displays content that is useful in real-time on Bing Search engine and Bing Maps

  • Bing Places for Business is a completely free platform that’s accessible to businesses of all sizes

  • One of the biggest benefits to Bing is that there’s less competition for business listings on Bing. This means that it’s easier for your business to rank higher on search results

  • Adding a Bing Places for Business profile also has other benefits, such as boosting local SEO.

Bing Statistics 2023

  • Microsoft Bing accounts for 2.77% of the global search market. That is far below Google’s 93.12% but above the likes of Yandex (1.15%), Yahoo (1.11%) DuckDuckGo (0.51%), and Baidu (0.49%).

  • Microsoft Bing’s desktop market share in 2023 is 8.23%. Google’s desktop market share is 85.53%.

  • Roughly 1 in 40 people online use Microsoft Bing instead of Google.

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