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How to verify my Google Business profile?
How to verify my Google Business profile?

A guide to verify your business profile on Google maps and search.

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Verify Your Google Business Profile

Learn how to verify your Google Business Profile effortlessly with our comprehensive guide. Discover postcard, phone, and email verification options, ensuring your business shines in local searches!

Before starting, ensure you've already created your Google Business Profile. If you still need to do so, sign up for Mobal and follow the instructions to set up your profile.

Head to the Connections Page

To start verifying your business profile, head to the "Connections" page on Mobal and choose the directory (Google Maps or Google Business profile) on which you want to verify your business. Click on the directory and select your preferred verification method.

Tip: You can easily see if a profile is unverified. Unverified profiles have a small red box stating "Not verified".

Now, let's explore the different verification options:

Postcard Verification

This is the most common and widely used verification method. Google will send a postcard to the physical address you provided during profile creation. The postcard usually arrives within 1-2 weeks and contains a verification code.

  • To complete the verification, log in to your Google Business account, navigate to the "Verify now" section, and enter the code from the postcard. Once verified, your profile will be live on Google.

Phone Verification

Some businesses may be eligible for phone verification. During the verification process, select the "Verify by phone" option. Google will call you with an automated message containing a verification code.

  • Enter the code when prompted to verify your profile. Not all businesses are eligible for phone verification; it depends on various factors, including your business category and location.

Email Verification

While less common, email verification may be available for some businesses.

  • Select the "Verify by email" option during the verification process. Google will send a verification link to the email address associated with your Google Business account. Click the link in the email to confirm your profile.

Instant Verification

This option is only available to businesses that have verified their website with Google Search Console. You may be instantly verified without additional steps if you've verified your website, which matches the website listed in your Google My Business profile.

Video Verification (Limited Availability)

In some cases, Google may offer video verification for certain businesses. You must schedule a video call with a Google representative to guide you through the verification process. You'll be redirected to the Google Business platform from Mobal if doing a video verification.


Ensure that the information you provide in your Google Business Profile is accurate, as discrepancies may lead to delays or difficulties in verification. Check your mailbox, email, or phone for verification codes or instructions. If you face any issues during the verification process, contact the Mobal support for assistance.

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